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All Angkor Wat tours are high quality, reasonable price, with cheerful staff, experienced instructors sociable, very good foreign language. Our service is the best service possible. You will not be able to find where the tour had the same itinerary and services at cheaper prices our Sinh Cafe Travel.

Sinh Cafe Travel introduction:

Sinh Cafe Travel will keep on developing sustainably “The travel stories with cups of coffee” from now on to satisfy all travel needs of the world people.

Sinh Cafe has made every effort to develop a stable system of human resources to improve know how and professionalism of its staff. Sinh Cafe has strengthened ceaselessly the quality its services i.e. package tours, tailored tours, open bus at a reasonable price. Additionally, Sinh Cafe has developed its strength in building and designing open tours with multiple choices which can meet diversiform requirements of local and international travelers.

Sinh Cafe has diversified its products to please the travelers in the spirit of keeping up its traditional core business: To introduce its Vietnam country and Vietnamese people to friends all over the world.
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