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Visit Heaven's forbidden mountain in An Giang

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Visit Heavens forbidden mountain in An Giang
That Son “seven mountains”, also known as seven mountains, is a range of small mountains located in An Hao Commune, Tri Tôn and Tịnh Biên districts in Vietnam’s An Giang Province, very close to the Cambodian border.
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The 710-metre Cam mountain “forbidden mountain” (Thien Cam Son “heaven’s forbidden mountain”) is the highest among the mountainous region of That Son and it is the highest peak in the whole Mekong Delta region. Endowed with such spectacular mountainous terrain, Cam mountain is known as the “Da Lat of the Mekong Delta”  because the climate in this area is cool all year long. Besides that, Cam Mountain also becomes more attractive to tourists due to its heart- warming legends and myths.
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A local folk tale said that the reason explaining why this mountain is called Forbidden Mountain is that Cam Mountain was once very wild area where many frightening beasts and invisible figures lived. Consequently, nobody dared themselves entering this mountain. However, according to another legend, when Nguyen Anh sought refuge in the mountain from the chase of Tay Son insurgents, he banned anyone not to come to this mountain. Therefore, it was named “Forbidden Mountain”.
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Downhill in the east is 100-ha Lam Vien Tourist Park on Cam Mountain which offers a wide range of recreational services including Kaolin Restaurant featuring specialties of the Seven Mountains Region as jaggery cake, bread soup Vinh Trung, sesame beef, grilled goat ribs, …
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Cam mountains in an giang 8Maitreya statue was completed in late 2005, was confirmed the record Vietnam in early 2006, and confirmed the largest Asian record in May 05/2013. The statue high 33m, area of pedestal 27 × 27 m, the total weight of both the background and the object of nearly 1,700 tons. Brackets made of stone plinth mounted reflector glass green luxury ve meant a diamond block.
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Additionally, along the path from the foot up to the mountain has many attractions such as Thanh Long streams, Tien streams, Cay Que Temple, Muoi Ba Temple, Tam Thanh Temple, Huynh Long Temple, Ong The Cave, Ong Ho Cave, Bac Vat Lang Cave, Thuy Liem Cave.
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Travelers stand in any position in the Forbidden Mountain also see Maitreya Buddha bright white, majestic sitting between green space with a gentle smile.
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Seven Mountains region is also home to many festivals and customary… the characteristics of the ethnic Khmer South, as Chol Chnam Thmay festival, Pisat Bo Chia festival, Pha Chum Benh festival (Don Ta festival)… and especially above all cattle Seven Mountains Cow Racing Festival was held in late September, early October every year …
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Forbidden mountain foothill, east of the Lam Vien resort, with an area of about 100 hectares, has beautiful scenery, with wide concrete road to the top.
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Cam Mountain is a pilgrimage and tourist destination for people both from home and abroad. According to An Giang Tourism, every year over 1.2 million people visit this area and the number of visitors is largest during the spring festival from January to June of the lunar calendar.




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