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The most luxurious hotel in Cambodia

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Travel Cambodia with the Angkor – place played a major role in attracting tourists over the world. Here, class service, professional, especially hotel. Heritage Suite Hotel, Naga World, Park Hyatt Hotel, Amansara Resort is the most luxurious hotel in Cambodia, where visitors can experience.
1. Heritage Suite Hotel
Siem Reap Capital is an indispensable stop for tourists entering Cambodia tours. Sieam Reap is also home to many luxury hotels, splendid and professional service, attentive. Heritage Suite Hotel is place great to visitors can choose from. Heritage Suite Hotel has distance to Angkor about 6 km and only 15 minutes to travel to Siem Reap International Airport. From the hotel guests can easily walk to the night market, the neighborhood west of Angkor or the old market area. With 26 suites designed with light weight, Heritage Suite Hotel class believe that visitors will get the best experience when staying here. In the hotel also offers support services to tourists who visit Angkor, Tonle Sap floating village.
The most luxurious hotel in Cambodia
2. Naga World
The most luxurious hotel in Cambodia 1

Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s tourist center, where required travelers to visit the temples to this country. In Phnom Penh, there is Naga World complex, combining entertainment, accommodation and most lavish entertainment in Cambodia. Hotels, 5 star standard with hundreds of modern rooms, splendid enough to please any discerning visitors yet. Restaurant chain serves traditional Cambodian cuisine, Japanese, Korean, Thai and European cuisine is also served here. But most attractions in Naga World casino is being held here. Guests can try their luck with games with machines or gamble with the casino.
3. Park Hyatt Hotel
The most luxurious hotel in Cambodia 2

Park Hyatt Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Cambodia. Park Hyatt Hotel is located in the central area of the city of Siem Reap with 104 luxurious rooms, modern space with a quiet, private. Guests will have a great experience here last night. The hotel suites also have private pools, gardens for tourists strolling, spacious bedrooms with decorative motifs, luxurious materials, sophisticated. The cuisine at the Park Hyatt Hotel also gives guests many interesting things in the style of French cuisine.
4. Amansara Resort
The most luxurious hotel in Cambodia 3

Amansara Resort located in the heart of Siem Reap, which used to be the guest villa of King Sihannouk. Today Amansara Resort with 24 luxury rooms are extremely quiet with absolute space is ideal for travelers who want to rest, relax. Amansara is the combination of Aman in Sanskrit means peace and Sara is the Apsara fairies. It was also an honor to welcome Charles De Gaulle French President, President Kennedy, President Josep Broz Tito’s Yugoslavia. This is not a luxury resort, but also a witness of history in Siem Reap.




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