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The 5 best Mekong delta Vietnamese restaurants 2016 – Mekong delta tours

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1. Mekong Rest Stop Restaurant


Stop restaurant systems include a restaurant Mekong center, restaurant, air conditioning, and an ancient beam house, shopping and auxiliary buildings with a total area of 12,000 m2, operating continuously from 5:30 to 21:00 each day, 7 days a week. Tien Giang Mekong to stop, your guests will enjoy an excellent incredibly charismatic and unforgettable: a restaurant's culinary stops. With an extensive menu with bold flavors native Vietnam, along with hospitality and reasonable prices, Mekong stops to give your guests the experience of Vietnam culinary elite.

The 5 best Mekong delta Vietnamese restaurants 2016–Mekong delta tours - Mekong Rest Stop Restaurant  

Some review of tourist:

- As indicated by previous diners, this is a popular stop on the way to or from the Mekong Delta tours. This was quite a pleasant restaurant stopover. It is situated in a beautiful landscape area in between man made lotus pools and streams. There are several separate open dining area with thatched roofs. We had the set menu and this seems to vary time to time. The most enjoyable portion was the deep fried elephant fish which was nicely presented. The server showed us how to wrap the fish in rice wrap with additional toppings and sauces. This was very tasty (like a Vietnamese fish taco ). The fried ball sticky rice was also very unique and tasty. Overall an extremely enjoyable and charming rest stop with a very good restaurant.

- This is one of the nicest places to stop by while traveling to Mekong Delta, a beautiful landscape. Try coconut icecream there and you wont feel sorry with the hot weather in the delta.

- This is a stopover for many of the buses travelling from the Mekong Delta back to Saigon. The service was a bit slow at times, but the food was good. There was a pungent smell near where we were sitting. The toilets were clean. There was a shop to buy some snacks as well.

- We had a six course lunch here as part of our guided day trip to the area and it was well worth the visit. The sticky rice balls were amazing and the elephant ear fish was a fascinating course but very tasty. Too much food in the end but an excellent restaurant to visit - highly recommended.

(Source: tripadvisor)

2. Mat Cua Cafe Restaurant 

Some review of tourist: - A very nice place to have a ice coffee, chat and laugh with young, very friendly vietnamese folks who love to practice their english.

- Mat Cua Cafe is like heaven in the city. With a really good coffe and savory shakes, its atmosphere invites you to chill and interact with young friendly vietnamese that come here to study, hang out or practice their english in the english club.

- We had really an amazing evening with our new Vietnamese friends. Had a lot oa fun with singing and talking to local students and the very nice owner Nghi! Also quite delicious coffee drinks. Thank you for everything!

(Source: tripadvisor)

- Space: cute, beautiful, unique decor very interesting. There are many small space, more furniture styles. Do not shop becomes boring for guests Water: also delicious, with me, I think that is not called good evil. This is truly always ak comment. Staff: polite talk, more agile. Parking: normal. Overall I liked the design of the shop smart.

3. Saigon Bakery Restaurant

The 5 best Mekong delta Vietnamese restaurants 2016–Mekong delta tours - Saigon Bakery Restaurant-4 

Some review of tourist: - Stopped buy to buy some pastry and was truly amazed at the prices. An individual cake topped with fruit and whip cream went to 10,000 VND, and tasted just as sweet.

- This was a totally fine, good banh mi sandwich, i always stick with the pork variety when i get banh mi, i had the combination pork, the price was a little higher than i think is fair, but i did leave full, the sandwich was full of good meat and carrot, it tasted very delicious.

- We just came here to buy a bread take away, this place have a lot of selection for you, service quick, friendly, bread very good.

- The cakes from here are good and very good value, as are the muffins, though the staff speak little English.

(Source: tripadvisor)

4. GONY spa cafe lounge Restaurant

The 5 best Mekong delta Vietnamese restaurants 2016–Mekong delta tours - GONY spa cafe lounge Restaurant-1 

Some review of tourist:

- Travelled with our baby and the staff were friendly in entertaining her while we ate. Husband has a peanut allergy and they were able to understand our requests for no peanuts. We are Vietnamese food. Not the best we have had but was quick and reasonably priced.

- Although the staff is really friendly and the place very clean, the food was a deception... And the smoothies & juices were real sugar bombs and not that natural! The prices are okay!

- We really felt like non Vietnamese food, and Gony was exactly what we needed, variety of all kind of food, everything very tasty!

- For the lunch there is a set menu for 200k which is good. We decided also to come back for the dinner which was in the complex good. We took some meat which was a too much spicy for us.

- I popped in on the way back from wandering the city. It was too early for the night restaurants but too late for lunch so this was the only place that had AC and was open. A wide range of options from Western (Italian, American etc) to Vietnamese. I had the Beef Pho and Papaya/Mango Dried Shrimp Salad. Both were delicious! Would definitely recommend for a quick bite - not the most authentic atmosphere but great food, great prices and friendly staff

(Source: tripadvisor)

5. Sao Hom Restaurant

Sao Hom Restaurant is one of Can Tho's most renowned sites. Sao Hom Restaurant is close to a variety of hotels, with choices such as My Kim Hotel and Nam Bo Boutique Hotel.

The 5 best Mekong delta Vietnamese restaurants 2016–Mekong delta tours - Sao Hom Restaurant-2 

 Some review of tourist: - Open air but breezy restaurant overlooking the river of Can Tho. My friends and I opted for a set menu so we could have a taste of different traditional dishes with the additional of fresh spring roll. The tomato soup was interesting I didn't know that was a Vietnamese thing, but I forgot about the French influence. - Food was good, but i am only giving it 3 stars, instead of 4 -deducting a star for extremely high prices, this place is just way too overpriced. They should probably rethink their prices a little.

- Went for lunch primarily because of it's location along the river. It had a nice variety of food on the menu, but the Fried Rice with Seafood was nothing special and rather bland. It seemed definitely for tourist as no locals were seated during the lunch hour. I definitely would not try again as there are many other eating establishments..

- The location of São Hom is really great, directly at the water front. The food er had was great (I had the set menu and my girl the shrimps with mango). There was nothing to complain about the service and the prices were allright.

(Source: tripadvisor)

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