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Some telephone numbers in Vietnam that you have to know

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Here are the phone numbers of emergency contacts such as police, fire, emergency and other telecommunications services in Vietnam. These phone numbers are valid nationwide. You just saved, and always to remember the phone number next to the desk phone, it will help you in everyday life, especially when meeting the urgent cases.

Some telephone numbers in Vietnam that you have to know

Emergency telephone numbers

Unit Telephone number
Police 113
Fire 114
Emergency 115

Telephone number of telecommunication services

Unit Telephones number
The registration call intercity telephone with telephonist 101
The registration call international telephone with telephonist 110
Guide use the phone 116
Fix the phone 119
Clock for users 100117
Test ringing 100118
Troubleshooting, information, contacts, addresses 1080
Legal counseling 1088
Support and answer international conversation 18001001
Viettel telephone switchboards 18001090
Vinaphone telephone switchboards 18001091
Mobiphone telephone switchboards 18008198

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- When using a desk phone to call the phone number, you simply need to call the press directly without having to add any other area code.

- When calling with mobile phone numbers you need to click to add your area code.




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