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Some don'ts while in Cambodia

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Culture and human behavior is driven more by Cambodia faith in the religion and closer to the culture of the neighboring countries including Vietnam. But there are some points you should avoid when they came to land temples.
Some donts while in Cambodia

Absolutely not touch the head of children because according to the first Cambodian children is a sacred place only gods and their parents was touching.
Some donts while in Cambodia 1

Do not give toys, give money or anything with his left hand because of their customary hand left hand is “not clean”.

Cambodian Buddhist worship in absolute terms when entering the temple should not be wearing a hat, to remove shoes outside and not near as touching monks.

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- Avoid trouble is not necessary when traveling cambodia
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In addition, the way of communication as well as other activities are similar to our Vietnamese people and other the countries of the east. Cambodians also honest and approachable so you do not have to worry too much about the problem as well as communication activities her.




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