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National flower of Cambodia – Rumdul flower

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Rumdul flower’s cientific name is Mitrella mesnyi – Melodorum fruticosum, tall trees from 8-15m, diameter of 20-30 cm. Rumdul are present in almost all the streets of Cambodia and Cambodia’s National Flower. Pale yellow flowers, plump shape, with 3 wings spread wings facing 3, the alternating uniform wings.
National flower of Cambodia Rumdul flower
Rumdul edible fruit when ripe fruit is red – black is very impressive, attractive scent in the late afternoon and evening, this is a strong attraction makes people spellbound.
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For centuries, flowers Rumdul usually suffice with girls Khmer: always cheerful, witty and exudes ethereal beauty, charming. When immersed in traditional Apsara dance, they like fairies frolic with trees, bringing proliferate for all species.
National flower of Cambodia Rumdul flower 1
Rumdul have very special aroma, sweet scent open up thousands of kilometers away, so it is used to store oil aromatherapy and healing. Wooden trunk has just provides firewood. Rumdul with rustic beauty, casual, not eye-catching colors like flowers attract other but have a magic power, can save images longest, deepest for any public gaze accidentally touch the petals. It was the aroma, the gentle strokes, elegant fresh again just add a little humor that Rumdul porcelain flowers have long become the subject of poetry and music in Cambodia.
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