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Introduction to places in Mekong delta – Top attractions in Chau Doc

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Welcome to Mekong delta tours!
We’ll start talking about attractions in the Mekong Delta. In the first, I like to introduce some of tourist attractions in Chau Doc city.
Chau Doc is a city belonging to in An Giang provine, located on the junction of Chau Doc and Hau rivers bordering Vietnam and Cambodia. Come to Chau Doc, visitors will have the chance to visit Sam Mountain scenic area, was sitting in a boat on Be village, the village on the river boat, learn the culture Cham and Khmer.
Chau Doc city has a long history associated with the thrilling story of Sam Mountain Ba Chua Xu (Ba Chua Xu Festival had around April every lunar year), as well as the events in the fight to preserve country as mobilization of people digging irrigation canals, Vinh Te military, fought in the French period, US, southwest border war.

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Introduction to places in Mekong delta - Top attractions in Chau Doc

Introduction to attractions in Mekong delta – Some actractions in Chau Doc city
Chau Doc city has many historical sites, culture and unique landscapes national level. The relics were rated Ministry of Culture, including Tay An Temple, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Ba Chua Xu Temple, Hang Pagoda, Chau Phu temple. The other sites also attract many visitors come to the neighborhood Cham Chau Giang, Vinh Te canal, Tao Ngo village or gardens, Dr. Nu motels, Fort in Sam Mountain.
Tay An Temple also called Sam mountion Tay An Pagoda or Tay An ancient, is a Buddhist temple located at the junction, adjacent to Sam Mountain foothills (284m high over sea level), Vinh Te commune, Chau Doc town, Chau Doc city, An Giang provine, about 5 km to Chau Doc city. Tay An Temple is a famous not only for believers to worship, but also a famous tourist sights. Tay An Temple take the exit word “triangle”, style Indian art and Islamic art, architecture combined with ancient temples of ethnic Vietnamese.
Introduction to places in Mekong delta - Top attractions in Chau Doc - Tay An pagoda

 Dinh Chau Phu located on Tran Hung Dao – Nguyen Van Thoai (Chau Phu A Ward). Post your church family to celebrate the most Nguyen Huu Canh, who founded many large companies are the kings conferred the title Admiral palace marshal muscle god, Mental superiority, national Declaration of god, the most Festival ..
Introduction to places in Mekong delta - Top attractions in Chau Doc - Dinh Chau Phu
Leaving Dinh Chau Phu, the most unique attractions is the village in Chau Doc floating, unique cultural style of the waters. Here, each raft like an apartment connected together stretches along both banks of the river. Every home has at least 3-4 friends raft, usually adding a raft live side pairs. In particular, recently, some people tend to shut down river raft settlements. The lives of families are packed on the raft 4m long, 7-8m. Canoes and boats are the main means of each family in the village this well.
Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb belong to Vinh Te commune, Chau Doc town, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb is one of many monuments at the foot of Sam mountion. There here has Thoai Ngoc Hau Temple, he and two lady tomb was built in the 30’s of the 20th century.
The next places went to Chau Doc is Ba Chua Xu Temple. Ba Chua Xu Festival in Chau Doc Sam Mountain is a folk belief activities longstanding. Every year, it attracts over 2 million pilgrims. Note to participate in the festival is absolutely not buy, ask her fortune of vagrants in the area Ba Pagoda, including those who have brought the card. Do not buy birds born reporter for sure you will be fooled a lot of money, sometimes even dangerous for you because they stretch ho. Money, jewelry and papers you have to be careful when storing in crowded areas.
Sam Mountain is high 284m, is located in the plains, with about 5km long asphalt to vehicles running around to the mountion top. Sam Mountion and other mountains Seven Mountains region is the scenic highlight very poetic in nature Vietnam’s southwest, to the border with Cambodia divided. According to legend, the mountain appears more flexible, so there are many Buddhist temples were erected in almost two centuries ago. Pepole around the ritual pilgrimage to this very crowded. There are 200 temples, pagoda, pagodas and shrines are scattered at the foot of mountains, slopes and even on the top. On top of the mountain with a fortress built during the French.
Introduction to places in Mekong delta - Top attractions in Chau Doc - Sam Mountion

Vinh Te Canal is a famous canal, located in the territory of two provinces of An Giang and Kien Giang, in the beaty Mekong Delta, Vietnam. continued bargain Minh Mang, after 5 years to complete (1819-24). Vinh Te Canal linking Chau Doc to Ha Tien sea gate length of 205 miles and a half, equivalent to 87 km.
Hang Pagoda, Phuoc Dien Tu name places, located where the mountains Sam (Vinh Te Son), Chau Doc; is a famous – An Giang province’s landscape and historical monuments is a national level in Vietnam Nam. Segregation with Sam Mountain vestige over hundreds of meters high, in a calm, Phuoc Dien Tu (Hang Temple) is known as a place with much solemn ancient legends, handed down from generation to generation, attracting curious visitors. It was built circa 1840-1845. From Existing beauty of nature, the human being nurtured, Hang Pagoda today has become an attractive sights for tourists.
Introduction to places in Mekong delta - Top attractions in Chau Doc - Hang Pagoda

 An Giang has many other attractions that you can explore some attractions located near Chau Doc: Forbidden Mountain, Tra Su cajeput forest …




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