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Emergency numbers in Cambodia - Emergency services in SiemReap

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Where can you go in Cambodia, Siem Reap in case you need help? Depending on the type of help you need, you have to know to contact the right emergency service.
Emergency numbers in Cambodia Emergency services in SiemReap  

Emergency numbers in Cambodia

Police Medical Fire
117 119

Emergency services in SiemReap

Emergency service in SiemReap: Police   - Located Mondul 3 Village, Sangkat Kram, Siem Reap - At the main entrance of Angkor Wat - Hotline: +855 12 402 424   Emergency service in SiemReap: Fire Station   - Located near the Airport - Hotline: +855 12 784 464

For health issues you can go to one of the hospitals or for minor issues you can buy some medicines at the Pharmacy. If you became the victom of a robbery the tourist police can help you. In case of a fire call immediately the fire station.

You can find an overview of the hospitals in Siem Reap, see below table:
Name Hospital Location Telephone
Royal Angkor Hospital National Road 6 (to Airport) +855 63 761 888
Khmer-China Hospital Sivatha Street +855 12 596 686
Siem Reap Provincial Hospital Hospital Street +855 63 963 111
Naga Health Care International Medical Center Hup Guan Street +855 63 761 295
Angkor Hospital for Children Tep Vong or Oum Chhay Sreet +855 63 963 409
Katha Bopha Hospital Charles De Gualle Road -
International Dental Clinic National Road 6 +855 63 767 618

U-Care is the most know pharmacy in Siem Reap and has most of the overseas brands of medication available. The Pharmacy is located in Hospital street, at the end of Pub street. For more information you can cotact them on the number +855 63 965 396. They also have a small detachement in Lucky Mall on Sivatha street. More information is also available on their website

There are also many small Phermacies spread over Siem Reap town. They can help you with the standard medicines.
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