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Dong Thap Province - Historic Xeo Quyt site

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Dong Thap Province Historic Xeo Quyt site

Xeo Quyt Relic is positioned in Cao Lanh district, Dong Thap Province. Through the anti-French and US resistance wars, this wild location where 20 ha cajeput forest is revolutionary bases. Xeo Quyt dealt with so many bombs rain, storm of adversary bullets. However the national spirit, bravery, strength, and brilliant strategy, army and people of Dong Thap has got over troubles, take home victory for the country. Present Xeo Quyt become an intriguing historical and eco-tour site in the Mekong delta.
Dong Thap Province Historic Xeo Quyt site 1

Visitors can come to the base Mandarin Xeo (accredited national historic sites in 1992) by along winding trails 1.5km longer than the base inside the deep  grounds or dinghy rowing to crept into the forest.
Dong Thap Province Historic Xeo Quyt site 2
Drop into the stream of pristine nature, hearing to echoes of birds, the gurgling water, forests tunes, tourists missing in a fancy natural spaces. The recuperation process of snappy and valiant people but always very cheerful.
The biodiversity is one more exciting attributes attracts travelers. Countless tree Melaleuca horns with over 30 years lifetime, together with climbing line system around, developing big cone shapes delight.
Dong Thap Province Historic Xeo Quyt site 2

Xeo Quyt  has 170 plant kinds (158 varieties of untamed) and 12 types of woody plants, but are not remarquable but they accordant to moist conditions. The animal consists of 200 types of untamed, 7 kinds of amphibians, 22 kinds of reptiles, 73 types of fish, 91 types of birds and mammals 7. Specially listed below 13 rare animal types recorded in the Vietnam ‘s Red Book: Moc boa, buffalo tiger snake, box turtle, bird lemongrass and otters.
Dong Thap Province Historic Xeo Quyt site 3

Dong Thap Province has many historic sites that Xeo Quyt is one of the unique tourism about the source, leave a beautiful impression tourists in mind home and abroad.
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