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Culinary overview Mekong Delta

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Culinary overview Mekong Delta: Cuisine of Mekong Delta also reflects characteristics of people there. Practical is among the most outstanding characteristics of people in Mekong Delta and it is represented in the concepts about food quality. In Mekong Delta, people believe that food must satisfy 3 qualities: delicious, attractive and good for health.

In Mekong delta: When cooking, people always consider the effect of food on health. As sitting in the table, you will be introduced which food is good for bone, which food is good for kidney, so on. With the concept "eat to live" and the seasonal menu, cuisine of Mekong Delta ensures the high standards of diversity, aesthetics and healthy.

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Culinary overview Mekong Delta


People in Mekong Delta have special taste with strong flavor. Due to their strong and open-minded characteristics, they prefer strong flavor. Unlike people in the north preferring the harmony between flavors or promoting the light and cool flavor, people in Mekong Delta always favor extreme flavor: extreme salty, extreme spicy … They think that only extreme flavor bring extreme taste, extreme fresh. According to historians, due to the hardship during the reclamation, people in Mekong Delta absolutely respected their labor outcomes and did not allow themselves to waste even a grain. Nowadays, thanks to the economic development, life has become much easier; however, this cuisine culture is still preserved as a way to remind people of a hard time in the past.

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Overall, coming to Mekong Delta, you will enjoy a giant store of food verified by various materials, diversified ways of processing, characterized by strong characteristics of people in Mekong Delta.

The prosperous land of Mekong Delta brings a lot of fresh ingredients for making many delicious dishes. Each province has some specialties which will surely fascinate tourists’ flavor.

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