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Cambodia’s five traditional festivals you should know

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Cambodia is one of the new tourist attraction and the most attractive in the world. After more than 25 years of isolation, Cambodia opened to tourists in the early years of the 90s and the number of tourists has increased every year.
The most attractive tourist destinations of Cambodia is Angkor Wat temple and the temples of Angkor in Siem Reap Province, as well as fascinating cultural attractions of the capital Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville Province beaches with full of essential services such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment and several tours in Cambodia khac.Ben addition also has many traditional festivals of the people in this country.

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1. Water Festival Bomb Chaul Chnam (rice harvest festival celebrate success)
Combodia's five traditional festivals you should know - Water Festival Bomb Chaul Chnam

Cambodia’s biggest festivals is the feast Bom Chaul Chnam (rice harvest festivals celebrate success) was held on April 13 to April 15 of the calendar. This is the biggest festival of the year for the people of Cambodia. In these days people meet and fall in different countries in order to believe in a good harvest next year. This festival is also held in Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar – countries with agricultural civilization.
During this festival, people meet each other and water splash together in the hope of a higher yielding crops next year. After the religious ceremony in the temple, people come to the streets, using guns bucket, sink, faucet or water damage together, then splash into the house, animals and production tools. These comfortable domestic shower, receiving as much as possible reduced water because they believe it will have better luck in the new year.
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2. Taking the field festival
Combodia's five traditional festivals you should know - Taking the field festival

Taking the field festival is held on 6 May 5. It took a cow as a symbol for a new crop of rice growers. This festival is held at the Royal Palace represent the interest of the king to the people and crops.

3. Bam Dak Ben and Pchonum Ben festival

Bam Dak Ben and Pchonum Ben festival is held on September 11 to October 13 annually. This festival is held in memory of the deceased. In these days people come to the temple sacrifices, and thank the monks. Monks are also the holiday for 15 days without seeking alms which people bring food to the monks.
Combodia's five traditional festivals you should know - Bam Dak Ben and Pchonum Ben festival

4. Bonn Prathen festival

Usually held in October during 29 days and nights. This festival is the largest Buddhist year. People organized in a grand procession to the temple where the monks were waiting yellow costume changes.
Combodia's five traditional festivals you should know - Bonn Prathen festival

5. Chol Chnam Thmay – Tet

In the New Year’s Day, celebrated around the Cambodian New Year celebration – New Year Chnam Thmay Chol. During the three holidays (13 – 15/4 years), the Cambodia Air bustling, bright lights flower stretching from the temple to the roads leading to the Royal Palace.
Combodia's five traditional festivals you should know - Chol Chnam Thmay - Tet

Eve all families making beautiful lanterns and bring it drop on the lake. Thousands of sparkling lights drifting into a Lantern Festival and it is believed that the house lights being pretty and bright all night, then the next year he met many good things.

These days this April, millions of people are looking forward to traveling Cambodia water festival featured traditional Tet holiday Chnam Thmay Chol (Cambodia) took place from 13-15 / 4 calendar. Instead of a first good luck, people of this country will jubilantly welcomed the new year with suspected ritual pouring water over each other.

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