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Cambodian food culture

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Although the water is in Indochina, along with the general civilization of the country but at the culinary culture of the country of Cambodia has many new things. 

Cambodia food culture

Cambodian people have the habit of eating rice and meat to eat more fish. At the holidays, rural as well as urban areas are tet cakes, bread less. Much in every family has Prahok to eat all year round. And Prahok a fish processing on the principle of food keep longer by road salting. Prahok, or pohok, made from the best fish, salted intestinal surgery and put in sealed cabinets, a few months later brought to eat. Overall this is a traditional dish prepared in the culinary life of the peoples of Cambodia and South Vietnam share cultural influences from Khmer cuisine.

Cambodia food culture - snakehead fish wrapped in banana

In addition, there are many other dishes equally attractive as snakehead fish wrapped in banana and grilled directly over charcoal. Both on dry, dry, snakehead fish, especially fish amok steamed with coconut milk curry Khmer own tastes. In the beef stir-fries as kruong, steamed fish amok, Prahok are coconut milk, turmeric, galangal, lemon forest, and curry leaves shrinkage, etc. Unlike the Vietnam sauce, very salty Prahok by salting only colorless. This is considered a specialty of Cambodian cuisine.

Cambodia cuisine

ahok was the ancestor of fish sauce Vietnam Chau Doc. Chau Doc sauce diverse variety Prahok includes: salted fish parts, fish in sauce, fish sauce latch, snakehead fish, colorful fish sauce, etc. Chau Doc sauce easy to eat, fragrant and beautiful colors than Prahok. Prahok can cook noodle soups, soup is delicious eaten with vegetables suitcase, hyacinth flowers, lilies, live prices, along with finely chopped meat, cooked snails as pins on.

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